Suspicious Mother Uncovers Son’s Biggest Secret
This is one of those stories that makes you thankful you weren’t young again. As caring and thoughtful as parents can be, this is one situation that any child doesn’t want their parent thrust into. Nevertheless, it’s “character building”. A Mom visits her son for dinner who lives with a girl roommate. During the course… (0 comment)

Reckless Train Driver Causes 3 Crashes, Avoids All Punishment
Thankfully this isn’t a story of a gross miscarriage of justice with countless innocent victims, but rather a lengthy story that someone told me recently. It’s a long one, and perhaps that’s what makes it so worthwhile, so here goes… There was a man in Bulgaria who drove a train for a living. He loved… (0 comment)

Scientists Discover Surprising Benefits Of Living Near To Tree
In a new paper published Thursday, a team of researchers present a compelling case for why urban neighborhoods filled with trees are better for your physical health. The research appeared in the open access journal Scientific Reports. The large study builds on a body of prior research showing the cognitive and psychological benefits of nature scenery… (0 comment)

This Rocking Chair Knits You a Hat as You Rock Back and Forth
At the École cantonale d’art de Lausanne’s (ECAL) low-tech factory, two graduate design students have built a whimsical rocking chair that knits you a hat as you rock back and forth. Swiss designers Damien Ludi and Colin Peillex use a series of gears that are triggered by the rocking chair’s motion to knit the hat.… (0 comment)

Miniature Therapy Horses Are Just What The Doctor Ordered
These miniature therapy horses are basically magical creatures. One of them is even named Magic. Magic, who often wears a custom tuxedo, made Time magazine’s list of the top 10 heroic animals in history — here’s Time’s explanation for what earned this special little horse her spot: “Magic went to visit a patient who had lived in… (0 comment)

Georgia Angler Catches 17-Pound Bass, Fourth Biggest in State History
Georgian Angler Keith Watkins celebrated his 51st birthday in style on March 30th by going fishing on Coweta Lake with his friend Stanley Elrod and received the best gift an angler can receive, a record-sized largemouth bass weighing 17 pounds, 9 ounces. A story from Georgia Outdoor News says Watkins’ fish is the heaviest largemouth… (0 comment)

The 10-Minute Full Body Transformation Routine
Don’t let this bodyweight workout fool you: “You won’t lift a single weight, but in just 10 minutes you’ll work harder and sweat more than most guys do in a half hour,” says Gaddour. Every second is a lung-busting, sweat-pouring challenge. No time wasted, no room for excuses. HOW TO DO IT: Perform each exercise for… (0 comment)